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It’s simpler than you think!

At 7 Day A Week Veganology  LLC we love animals, but we also care about the health of our bodies. That’s why we only eat things that are clean, pure, and nutritional. Are you ready to learn more? 

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We are here to water others' minds by inspiring, informing, and educating them on what it means to be vegan.

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You see, it’s a sad fact that we use animals for far more than just-food. There are animal products in just about every part of your life. To be truly vegan is to never use an animal product. There are far more safe alternatives to animal products, and we will point them out for you!

About Me

I learned a lot of valuable information about the wrong food and beverages that I was consuming and the damage they were doing to my body. I also thought about all of the animals that were slaughtered on my behalf, and I decided that I did not want another animal to die just so I could have another steak, a burger, or a pair of shoes on my feet.

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