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I eat a strict whole-food plant-based diet 3 square meals a day.

For breakfast, I like to eat the same thing every morning which is oats, crushed banana, 100% smooth peanut butter, blueberries and cinnamon with a green smoothie which consists of kale, banana, peanut butter, loads of mixed berries, cinnamon.

For lunches, I always eat the leftovers of what I cooked for dinner the night before just as it makes life so much easier only really having to cook 1 proper meal a day.

For dinner, I mostly eat Mexican style burrito bowls with lots of sauteed veggies and beans or Currys with red lentils, chillis etc, had a lot of stews over winter also. the generic “easy” vegan meals to make basically.

The only processed foods I eat are store-bought hummus and sriracha hot sauce to make my bad cooking taste better.

As for routine due to not being able to attend a gym.

  1. I do a really basic bodyweight circuit 3 times a week(Monday, Wednesday, Friday) which consists of Pull, Push, Squat, hinge style movements so for example a circuit could be 10 pullups, 20 jumping squats, 25 press-ups and then 30 crunches. I will do that circuit for 5 sets, after the bodyweight circuit, I will then follow one of Frazer Wilsons core workouts.

  2. I run 3 times a week(Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) as a form of cardio on the off days

  3. Yoga every morning as part of the morning routine

  4. Sundays I do an extra-long restorative yoga session in the afternoon

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