10 Celebrities Who Went Vegan

10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Went Vegan

Switching to a vegan diet is trending nowadays, even in Hollywood. In this article, it reveals 10 Celebrities who went vegan that may surprise you. If you do not know, there are many celebrities in all genres, such as singers, actors, writers, and even athletes who are vegan and proud of it.

1. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, famous for her role on the television show “Baywatch,” is one of the earlier adopters of a vegan diet. Anderson is an environmentalist. Often, she tweets about animal rights. Anderson is an active participant in campaigns and stands up for animals at every opportunity.

2. Eric Benét

Eric Benét

The Bahamas has never been the same since Eric Benét arrived. We’re talking triple threat actor, singer, and songwriter, one of the greats of all times. Benét used his compelling voice to woo us since the ’90s, a voice that is as smooth as the skin on his body. Believe it or not, he’s vegan. Oh, you did not know that someone like Benét could be vegan; well, in this case, you are mistaken.
Of course, veganism does the body, mind, and soul good, but Benét has been blessing us with his soulful R & B hits, charm, and great looks for years before he became vegan. I believe that came from his momma. But what this shows is that Benét has now given us one more thing to love, respect, and admire about him, and that is his personal choice to become vegan.

3. Simon Cowell

10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Went Vegan

The X-Factor judge and music mogul that is Simon Cowell is vegan; in a recent interview, he said that “on a one to ten scale of being handsome, he was on number eight before turning vegan.” But now Cowell crossed the line to number eleven. His statement shows how vital a vegan diet is for him.

4. Miley Cyrus

10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Went Vegan

Have you ever wondered if Miley Cyrus is a vegan? Then the answer is yes. Cyrus is a big believer in having a plant-based diet. Perhaps you have come across her vegan meal posts on social media. She has been titled “super vegan” by PETA. According to US Magazine, Cyrus committed to veganism in 2013. Not only that, her wedding reception menu featured a vegan selection of food.
Cyrus collaborated with Converse to produce ethical apparel and Stella McCartney to raise her voice for animal rights. During her career, she got an award from PETA for the “Best Voice 4 Animals award in 2017.”

5. Ariana Grande

10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Went Vegan

Many people know Ariana Grande for her fantastic voice. She is a young, talented, and gifted singer. But what may shock you is that she also is a vegan. In 2013, she committed to becoming 100% vegan. She also made statements about how overwhelming it was for her to become a vegan.
Grande is an animal lover and activist, and she openly spoke about why she became vegan in an interview with Daily Mirror. In the Mirror interview, UK, Grande said that she “adores animals more than some humans.” And, she turned 100% vegan because it is beneficial in terms of nutrients and plays a role in improving her overall well-being.

6. Kate Mara

10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Went Vegan

The supermodel and actress Kate Mara have been an animal activist and vegan for over five years. Talking about her diet, Mara told Shape Magazine that she decided to go vegan after reading a book called “The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder.” The book is about how human’s bodies can digest a vegan diet and its significance. This book was so impressive for Mara that she changed and went vegan.

7. Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz

The singer Jason Mraz initially became vegan to support a diabetic friend. In an interview with Vegetarian Times Mraz, spoke about a band member diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Mraz felt that the only way he could help was to go raw vegan. So, he decided to go vegan for his band member for moral support. But now he sticks to his vegan diet eating mostly raw food and some of his signature dishes.

8. Ellen Page

Ellen Page
The famous Canadian actress Ellen Page is quite open about veganism. According to Page, the best decision that she ever made in her life was to go vegan. In 2014, PETA announced her as one of the sexiest vegan celebrities on the list. She famously tweeted, questioning those who mock vegans.

9. Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

The film star Joaquin Phoenix has been vegan from three years of age. He is an environmentalist and animal activist. Phoenix’s iconic speech at the academy award went viral and was under debate for some time. His documentary film called “Earthlings” is the reason for converting many non-vegans to veganism.

10. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

Well, for some of us, “We Got Milk, but Mike Tyson, he got “Muscles.” There is no denying it that if you know Tyson, then you know muscles. Known for his outstanding career as one of the greatest Heavy Weight Champions of the world that ever lived has been vegan for the past decade. The boxing legend did not disappoint his fans when he dominated the ring; he also did not let the vegan community down.
You may be thinking that Tyson has always had muscles, and you are right. But what you did not know is that he could maintain those muscles, all while being vegan. Now, that’s motivating to anyone that wants to “be like Mike.”
Several wandering minds want to know, can vegans have muscles? Looking at Tyson, 53 years young, going strong, ready to get back out there and show us his new moves, that screams Yes! vegans can have muscles, like Tyson.

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