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10 Tips to get the Perfect Abs at Home

1. Get nutrition in order (go vegan)! Eat more fruits and vegetables to get leaner so abs can show.

2. Train them abs! Train them directly like any other muscle, using a variety of moves.

3. Train lower abs first! My philosophy is simple, you have never seen someone with lower abs who didn’t have any upper, so prioritize them when you’re working out.

4. Stay hydrated! Our bodies are over 70% water so keep it hydrated by drinking water throughout the day to improve muscle growth.

5. 2:1 Ratio! For every upper ab exercise, there should be two lower ab exercises done again; prioritize them.

6. Use weights or heavier resistance! Abs are a muscle, and they respond to low resistance, high reps, and high resistance low reps, so mix it up for best results.

7. Train all parts of the “6-pack”! A 6-pack is made up of the rectus abdominis, obliques, and serratus so train all of them for best results.

8. Train Core and Abs! To get a flat stomach and ripped abs you must train abs (6-pack) and core (muscles underneath). Mix exercises like planks, crunches, and leg raise to get a nice washboard.

9. Let the Abs Recover! Recovery is just as important as the workout because muscles grow during recovery. So, make sure you are giving your abs adequate amounts of rest.

10. Use Progressive Overload! Like every muscle in the human body, the abs need progressive overload to grow. So, if you want a midsection that looks like piano keys, make sure you are making your ab workouts harder each time; know the importance of not just a good exercise but a healthy lifestyle to go along with it.

10 Tips to get the Perfect Abs at Home

Home Workout for the Perfect Abs

Are you looking for Piano Key Abs? I can help you get them. The perfect abs are not easy to get, but they are not impossible to have if you want them. I did it, so, can you! My body speaks for itself. I believe in being a walking advisement for fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and a better me. Being fit is not what I do; it is who I am.

Some would agree that “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away,” but as for myself, it is my 80/20 alkaline – vegan diet, several glasses of water, and a consistent fitness regime that keeps the Doctor away. Hello world, my name is Zel, I am a college graduate; my majors were Kinesiology and Psychology. I am an international fitness trainer and mental health coach.

I have spent years advocating the importance of a healthy self, a better version of you, and now more than ever during a worldwide pandemic; everyone needs to be the first responders of their health, be it mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I am here to help you get the body you deserve, not the one you settle for. Follow me on Instagram @thatmanzel and @the_veganologist. Also, email me at for online one on one fitness sessions or any questions or comments related to diet, fitness, and mental health.

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