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How? Any ideas besides just eating spoonfuls of protein powder? Meal plans?

I just got over COVID-19 and it’s kept me out of the gym for just over 3 weeks. Fortunately I lost some weight due to the lack of appetite and the few days where I could barely got 200 calories. I’m hoping to refine my diet and get back to lifting/running this week. I know that I’ve been on a protein deficit recently, and even if I ate nothing but meat, I’d still need to eat like 2-3 lbs of chicken every day which is absurd, so I know the problem isn’t veganism.

I’m 6’5″ about 255-265 lbs, built like giant – big boned if you will. My lowest weight was 225-235 and my doc said that was perfectly fine – people were always shocked to know that I weighed that much because I looked slim and could crush them on 5k runs, so at 225 I was by no means overweight or out of shape like the number might suggest. I’m even carrying 260 pretty okay. My current goal is to get back there (225) even stronger and leaner, though I understand the number is arbitrary when it comes to lifting so I may land somewhere higher.

Anytime I try hit such high protein numbers I end up gaining weight, and not the good kind. But now I’m at a point where I think I need to stop being at a protein deficit to make meaningful progress lifting and subsequently lean out. How do I get the protein without the excessive calories?

What’s the secret?

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