4 years vegan this month, still making gains! 200kg/440lbx5 deadlift : veganfitness

Honestly I don’t really track things like calories, I do it more by feel; I eat more if I’ve been feeling fatigued or if I have a big lifting session coming up later that day.

Breakfast: Usually I have a protein shake for breakfast as I’m just not hungry in the morning, but sometimes I make overnight protein oats (200ml soy milk, 100ml water, 1 scoop vegan protein powder, 1tsp of mixed seeds, 60g oats; total 450kcal 39.1g protein).

Lunch/dinner: not much difference in the meal sizes between lunch and dinner but basically somewhere in the region of 100-150g (uncooked weight) of pasta/rice or 2 large potatoes, some kind of protein source with 30-40g of protein and 2-3 different vegetables. A couple of examples would be a seitan curry with rice, or soy mince bolognese. Pasta is always wholemeal.

I also usually have a snack or two if I feel hungry away from meals or an hour before a workout if meals aren’t timed well. Usually 1-2 pieces of fruit and either a protein bar or a slice of toast with peanut butter & jam.

Hope this helps! I tried tracking calories in the past but I found it was taking too much time in the day.

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