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It doesn’t matter if you want to trade better, lose your belly fat or win The Wimbledon, you need to lift weights

Lifting weight has so many benefits that will transfer to all areas of your life

If you want to live a fit, healthy and happy life, lifting weights will help you preserve muscle mass as you age

I will help you increase your bone mass and reduce the risk of fractures later in life

It will increase your joint strength and health, so you get fewer aches and pain down the road

Or if you want to get rid of that stubborn belly fat…

It will help you build more muscle and boost your metabolism so you can burn more fat!

And that’s not all!

Lifting weights also help you with:

– mental and emotional well-being
– boosts your confidence and self-image
– reduces the chance of chronic diseases and helps you manage them better
– improves your flexibility, mobility, and performance
– and so much more…

And guess what it doesn’t do?

It doesn’t make you look bulky!

That’s why all my clients lift weights as a part of their weight loss journey to reach their desired body

It’s a go lift some heavy stuff and DM me if you need some help

Any question, drop a comment
Much Love,

Amir Yazdanparast MFSc, CSCS, CEP

? I help busy professionals to build muscle, get lean and strong – DM me “CSX90” for more info

? Master of Fitness Science in Kinesiology (Ph.D. in Progress)

? Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – NSCA

? Certified Exercise Physiologist – HFFC

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