A comedy helpline for those struggling with Veganuary launches in the UK

A comedy helpline for people struggling with Veganuary this year has been launched in the UK by meat-alternative brand THIS. The live call centre will help meat reducers, vegetarians and vegans deal with the temptation of eating meat during January.

The line-up of comedians manning the calls from 10 am-10 pm every day will be answering with meat-based jokes, plant-based puns and animal noises to provide some light relief.

While the helpline is already open, from Monday 11th January THIS will be implementing posters on telephone boxes outside London fast-food outlets. These will include McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and Taco Bell – whose cheap meals can be tempting for those trying to give up meat.

Ads will be located across London in key hotspots including Liverpool Street, Camden Town and Old Street to make the helpline as visible as possible.

‘Send us a selfie’

In a statement sent to Vegan Food and Living, Andy Shovel, Co-founder of THIS™ told us:

“Whilst of course being worthwhile, my first Veganuary was tough. Like the cold-turkey scene from Trainspotting. Hopefully, with some messing around and fun, we can make it easier for first-timers this time around.

“We also wanted to give a new life to some of the telephone boxes across the capital. They just happen to be nearby a few of our favourite pastime places to eat, so if you spot one of our whopper ads, please send us a selfie to show us how much you’re lovin’ it. Oh, and call the number.”

THIS Isn’t all we’ve been up to…

It’s not just a comedy helpline that THIS has been busy with for Veganuary. The ultra-realistic plant meat brand has also been busy with collaborations including Gousto’s new vegan recipe boxes and Tastily’s meal subscription service.

Moreover, UK chain restaurant Rosa’s Thai Café has launched a new vegan dish,  THIS Isn’t Chicken and Pineapple Red Curry – delicious!

With more and more major celebrities and public figures becoming vocal about veganism, gone are the days where vegans were seen as crazy hemp-wearing hippies. Now, veganism is becoming mainstream, and the help is there if you need it.

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