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Are you interested in news, lifestyle, and recipes for vegans? Then you’re going to love 7 Day A Week Veganology LLC.  We are about holding you accountable to staying vegan. That means no animal products in your diet, clothing, or skincare. I’ll show you how to stay animal-free in your lifestyle. I’ve got a ton of great resources for you!


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 You can’t be vegan only on the weekends. It takes patience, dedication, and hard work to stay on the vegan path. I’ll show you how to live vegan through  your food, clothing , skincare products, and much more! 

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Vegan Recipes

The best way to keep on the vegan path is to educate yourself on the vegan lifestyle. 7 Day A Week Veganology LLC offers vegan recipes, ideas for quick meals, and helpful resource links to food.

To be vegan is far more than practicing a vegetarian diet...

 It’s an all-inclusive lifestyle and a state of mind. To be vegan is to free yourself from the killing and suffering of animals. Did you know that when you consume a dead animal, you’re consuming its fear and pain? When an animal is slaughtered, it’s in a great deal of distress. This energy transfers into its meat after death. That’s why meat-eaters are often angry and depressed.  If you’re ready to clean your mind, body, and soul then it’s time to become a vegan. 

I never looked better, I never felt better, and I have never received better health results from my doctor until I became Vegan. It works for me!

I wasn’t always a Vegan. With little vegetables on my plate, I grew up believing that eating meat was my only option for living life. That way of thinking had me boxed in my thoughts, which were limited when it came down to anything other than consuming meat. I realized that if life is about choice why food could not be about choice too. Once I educated myself about the diverse ways of eating and living, I now wanted something better. So, I did something different; I became Vegan.

I am a three-time college graduate. I have a degree in Teaching, another in Interdisciplinary Studies, and the most recent degree that I earned is a master’s in Psychology, graduating summa cum laude. The study of people has always been fascinating to me; that is why I chose the fields I have studied.

One of the requirements for finishing my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies was that I had to complete a capstone, and the topic was on Obesity. While preparing for the capstone, I learned a lot of valuable information about the wrong foods & beverages that I was consuming and the damage they were doing to my body. 

 After acquiring such knowledge, I took a good look at myself and was not happy with what I saw. I realized that the reason why I had not changed the way that I was eating was that I had not changed the way that I was thinking about food. But, through education and research, I recognized that I have options to eat better, live better, and do better.

Considering that I have only one body, I choose to take care of it to the best of my abilities so that I can look my best, feel my best, and live my best life. Every day of the week, I am a vegan. I do not get an off day. Hence, this is how the name of the business 7 Day A Week Veganology LLC came about. The goals for the business are to bring information, resources, and knowledge about veganism to others. To inform others about an alternative way of living that offers a healthier lifestyle by avoiding animal products, staying fit, as well as being in control of your mind and body. I’m vegan every day, and I love it. Would you “Turn Over A New Leaf?”

My goal is to help people think about their choices regarding what they eat, drink, and put on their bodies.

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