Activists Animal Rebellion block Mcdonald’s entire UK distribution centres

Animal rights and climate crisis activists Animal Rebellion blocked all four of McDonald’s UK distribution centres over the weekend.

Labeled as McDestruction, the group used bamboo structures and vehicles to block lorries from leaving McDonald’s four UK depots. These include Hemel Hempstead, Basingstoke, Coventry, and Greater Manchester. Demanding McDonald’s commits to being plant-based by 2025.

Posting to Instagram, Animal Rebellion claims to have blocked all four depots for a combined total of 96 hours.

As a result, 14 activists were arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass. Eight arrests were maybe by Hampshire police, and a further six arrests were made by Hertfordshire Police. All activists have since been released.

“Paralysed the supply chain”

Animal Rebellion spokesman James Ozden said around 100 people took part in the protests and claimed an estimate of 1,900 McDonald’s delivery lorries were disrupted.

In addition, Ozden shared “The meat and dairy industry is destroying our planet: causing huge amounts of rainforest deforestation, emitting immense quantities of greenhouse gases, and killing billions of animals each year.

“The only sustainable and realistic way to feed ten billion people is with a plant-based food system. Organic, free-range, and ‘sustainable’ animal-based options simply aren’t good enough.”

After the events had taken place, the group boasted “With blockades lasting from 19-30 hours we paralysed the supply chain of the biggest fast-food chain in the world.”


Store Closures

In a statement, AR shared “These centers supply over 1300 restaurants in the UK for a total of 3.8 million people served every day”.

As a result of the activist’s blockades, McDonald’s stores across the country were forced to close or serve a limited menu due to a lack of supply. On the 22nd of May, a spokesperson for McDonald’s shared “Our distribution centres are currently facing disruption.

“We are assessing the impact on deliveries to our restaurants and to menu items.”

Due to these events, the chain was later was forced to shut its Sunderland diner, explaining “Until this situation is resolved and we receive our required stock, the restaurant has no alternative but to close.

“We apologise to our customers for the disruption caused by these protests and hope to resume normal services as soon as possible.”

In short, climate change still the biggest threat to mankind. These events are only a sign of things to come unless company’s commit to cutting down the production of meat and dairy and switching to plant-based produce. Animal Rebellion shared, “This is direct action everyone, and it doesn’t end today.”

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