Aldi reveals 47% of Brits don’t know how to cater for vegans at BBQ’s

Discount supermarket Aldi revealed a shocking 47% of Brits lack confidence in cooking for vegan guests at BBQ’s.

In response to these findings, Aldi is launching its vegan-friendly BBQ range. Perfect for vegans and meat-eaters who are wanting to try something new.

The vegan BBQ range includes creations such as Vegan Peri-Peri Butterly ‘Chicken’, Vegan ‘Hotdogs’, and much to our excitement, the return of Aldis iconic Vegan No Spicy ‘Chicken’ Burger.

Aldi’s new launch comes after the store’s vegan BBQ range in summer 2020 was a hit. Offering its customers delicious vegan products starting from 79p!

Aldis vegan summer

Taking inspiration from the nations favourite chicken restaurant, the Vegan Peri-Peri Butterfly Chicken is priced at just £1.99! The flavour-packed meat alternative will not only save you 75% compared to the meat option, but will also contribute towards saving our feathery friends – sounds like a no-brainer!

In addition, vegans have been rejoicing over the relaunch of Aldis Vegan No Spicy ‘Chicken’ Burger. The crispy ‘chicken’ burger was revolutionary for non-meat eaters, with its juicy textures and crispy, flavoursome coating it’s hard to believe it only cost £1.99 for 2.

After months of the product being discontinued, the supermarket announced the return of the ‘chicken’ burgers just in time for summer. This summer is shaping out to be a good one.

As well as meat-free juicy hotdogs, don’t forget to pick up the stores Plant Menu Veggibabs – available flavours include Spicy Tex Mex and Indian Inspired. Not only are these perfect for barbie season, we even enjoy them for midweek dinners.


Tips and tricks for vegan BBQ season

Celebrity chef and face of Aldis Raising The BarBeque campaign Judy Joo, shares three simple steps to make the most out of plant-based food this BBQ season.

  1. Don’t be afraid to BBQ for vegans – the simplest way to ensure there is no cross-contamination is to cook this food first. A useful trick is to carefully wipe rub a half-cut onion over the grill, its anti-bacterial properties help to clean the grill.
  2. Like with meat, don’t forget to keep basting your vegan products – it not only adds flavour but keeps the food moist.
  3. Be adventurous – you can BBQ almost anything! Grill some fruit after for a delicious end to the meal.

Aldi’s Vegan Hot Dog, Vegan No Spicy Chicken Burger, and Plant Menu Veggiebabs are available in stores now. The Vegan Peri-Peri Butterfly Chicken is coming soon!

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