Am I overtraining the glutes? : veganfitness

So, I want a BIG butt. But I am pretty sure that I might have been overtraining because I have been doing about 30 sets in total of squats/ lunges/ hip thrusts/ RDLs per week. I do both barbell and dumbell variations of these exercises. Should I drop down the sets to 20 per week? Would doing 23 or 24 sets per week be better or worse for my glutes than doing 20 sets? If I only do 10-12 heavy barbell sets per week, can i go over the 20 sets limit with the secondary dumbell movements or should I absolutely stick to a maximum of 20 sets. I do 8-12 reps in each set.

I am now doing an upper/ lower split with at least 2 days between each lower body day.

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