Any idea how to eat high protein meals but be soy free? My focus is on WFPB and not processed foods : veganfitness

Hi, I eat a relatively low soy diet too (not because of aversion to soy, just personal diet preference)

Split pea curries and seitan are my favourite high protein options and also cheapest. I’ve got a few extremely good variations I cycle through at the moment and I’d be happy to share resources. Seitan is a protein hack and very little can boost your daily protein sky high, and it can be pretty much used in anything as a replacement for meat.

Legume based pastas and breads are also underrated, check out lentil, pea, chickpea based ones as a replacement for wheat. There is also high protein wheat based pasta. Pesto chickpea pasta is one of the best bulking foods on the planet IMO.

Finally, if you enjoyed tofu, you can make tofu from any non-soy legume easily and for cheap. There’s guides on the internet! Red split lentil based tofu is super savoury and probably my favourite.

There’s some degree of processing in the latter options naturally but they’re still very much healthy especially homemade!!!

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