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So….in my endless search for the healthiest, non-additive protein powder, I basically came down to Orgain/Naked/SunWarrior brands as being the most pure products. I don’t care about taste, just the protein. These two brands still had some additives, which I want to avoid for my longterm health. I thought – why don’t I just make protein powder myself and then came across the recipe on this website (basically you just grind up split peas in a food processor + sift):

Some questions that I still can’t seem to find answers to:

  1. Are there any negatives to eating this homemade, uncooked, ground protein powder? (are the significantly more carb calories in homemade, are the starches that remain bad for you, etc.)

  2. Do SunWarrior / Orgain / Naked cook the split peas for better absorption during their processing? I can’t imagine that uncooked split peas, even ground up to a powder, is good for you.

Making your own pea protein powder seems like a safer and more economical way to use pea protein for gains as long as you don’t mind eating more of it since it is not concentrated, but maybe I’m missing some serious downsides. Has anyone else tried making their own pea protein powder?

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