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I’m F21 5’5 and 143 lbs

I got a workout plan and my macros from a vegan trainer

My calorie intake goal is 1700 calories per day and my macros are:

Protein: 30% – 128g Carbs: 40% – 170g Fat: 30% – 57g

At first I thought the protein was a bit on the higher side (0.9 x my weight lbs) but a source online suggested that if you’re in a calorie deficit it’s helpful to add on a greater amount of protein because it’ll help you preserve your muscles

The fat at 30% also looked pretty high to me since fat can be (0.25-0.30 x my weight lbs) but is it because you want the amount of fat you consume in grams to be about half the amount protein you’re consuming? Also since im a woman and I’ve heard fat is extremely essential for women it would make sense that it’s at a higher percentage? (Ofc fat is essential for everyone)

Lastly the carbs. I was surprised because I thought the carbs were on the lower side. I was expecting 50% of my calories to be from carbs but if the above two points hold true then I guess my carbs would be adequate.

Is 30% protein, 40% carbs and 30% fat an optimal balance? My goal is to lose fat/tone up. Thank you!

I also saw an article online say that 25% protein, 45% carbs and 30% fat are the “best” vegan macros

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