Are you reaching your goals without tracking macros? I’d love to hear your story. : veganfitness

I’ve been tracking macros very closely for a few years, and I’m getting pretty sick of it.

I’m tired of meal prepping and eating the same thing for a week straight. I’m tired of focusing on high protein foods instead of delicious foods (not that they are mutually exclusive). I’m tired of sitting down to dinner with my kids and eating something different. I’m tired of rotating the same tired recipes over and over instead of trying new things, because it’s easier than trying to shoehorn a new recipe into my plan.

I’ve been working hard to increase my lifts, and I’m hesitant to take a laissez-faire approach to eating.

How many of you are still excelling at what you do, despite a more relaxed approach to what you eat? I’m hoping your experiences will reassure me.

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