Best vegan minimalist running shoes? : veganfitness

Getting back into running. I have never been able to stand typical running shoes with lots of arch support and padding in the soles. Despise them with a passion lol.

In the past I would always wear converse for long runs or just go barefoot for short distances. Now my feet are wimps and I don’t want to run on unbearably cold or hot pavement. I feel like running in my old, worn down converse is not ideal long term.

Looking for some vegan minimal running shoes that allow my foot to move naturally and let me feel the ground beneath my feet.

Considered vivobare so any thoughts on those would be awesome. I’m female with pretty narrow feet and don’t want to be sliding around in the shoe and it seems like these might fit big so I’m a bit worried about that.

I have kind of considered those toe shoes but not sure if I want to look like that much of a weirdo ? (no offense if toe shoes are your thing).

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