Birds Eye set to launch vegan version of iconic frozen fish fingers

Birds Eye is expanding its plant-based range Green Cuisine with a vegan version of its iconic fish fingers.

The new Fishless Fingers are the first plant-based fish alternative from Green Cuisine and will be debuting in UK supermarket Sainsbury’s in late June. The product will roll out to other retailers in 2022.

Birds Eye’s frozen vegan Fishless Fingers will be covered in its signature golden crumb to recreate the same recognisable taste, as well as being a source of protein by containing rice protein. They’re also a good source of fish-free omega-3.


“We’re in the perfect position to create a plant-based alternative to our iconic fish finger”

In a statement to Vegan Food and Living, Birds Eye Senior Marketing Manager Jess Ali revealed 88% of consumers associated fish fingers with the Birds Eye brand (according to Brand Equity Study Ipsos 2017).

“Shoppers are increasingly looking for plant-based alternatives of their favourite foods,” she said.

“With our established brand heritage and dominance in the fish finger category, we’re in the perfect position to create a plant-based alternative to our iconic fish finger”

Ali added: ” The combination of our heritage in frozen food and our reputation for producing family mealtime favourites has helped to make our existing vegan products successful and popular.”

“Plant-based meals can be just as tasty and convenient.”

Birds Eye launched its plant-based range Green Cuisine in March 2019, releasing veganised versions of some of their iconic frozen meat-based products as well as some new plant-based hits.

Products such as Meat-Free Chicken Dippers, Chicken-Free Southern Fried Grills, and Meat-Free sausage rolls have become freezer food staples.

Jess Ali shared with VFL: “Our Green Cuisine range will continue to play off recognisable meat-based formats, showing shoppers that plant-based meals can be just as tasty and convenient.”

Since Green Cuisine launched in 2019, the brand saw sales jump by 321% to £11.3m last year, according to data for The Grocer’s Top Products Survey [Nielsen 52 w/e 5 September 2020].

We love seeing these figures for plant-based products. Not only are they encouraging, but they also highlight just how much interest there is in vegan products and illustrate the idea that consumers are ready to change to a plant-based diet.

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