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Ayeeee Y’all🌸!

Certified longtime lurker here aha. Looking for genuine perspective on if I’m proportional, any lacking muscle groups, anything I should work on?

Been lifting weights & doing calisthenics in the gym 10mo now. Vegan for 7 years🌱! 5’4 150lb. I’m attempting to lean out a bit for the summer, goal is to be 135-145lb. Currently eating at maintenance 2200cals yet I’ll start decreasing soon. Was doing an unintentional bulk before this, eating 2700cals😬, got up to 157lb & wasn’t feeling it aha.

So any & all critique is welcome, I’m very new so I don’t think I even look like I lift yet! Never been athletic (was 180lb during my teen years). Looking forward to hearing from y’all🤗.

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