Burger King set to open its first meat-free restaurant in Germany

Attention vegans! Burger King is opening its first vegan-friendly meat-free restaurant next week in Cologne, Germany.

The fast-food giant’s new vegan venture is set to open its doors for just four days from June 7th – June 11th. The chain has once again teamed up with vegetarian meat company The Vegetarian Butchers to create its meat-free menu.

The plant-based menu will include vegan versions of signature Burger King options such as the Plant-Based Whopper, Plant-Based Nuggets, and even a new Plant-Based Whopper Wrap.

Burger King and The Vegetarian Butcher

Meat alternative producers The Vegetarian Butchers have been working with Burger King over the years to develop and expand the chain’s plant-based menu.

The collaboration has meant that Burger King venues across the world such as Mexica, China, Germany, and the UK are now able to offer plant-based alternatives to their customers.

Moreover, the Burger King Germany site explains the new plant-based menu isn’t just for vegans. They want to encourage flexitarians, and meat-eaters to their new menu, promising “everyone gets their money’s worth with our exclusive plant-based”.

Although Burger King is going plant-based with its burgers, it is unknown whether BK will release dairy-free free cheese and condiments.

Burger King for good

Over the last year, Burger King has become dedicated to creating vegan-friendly alternatives and is on a mission to create a green future.

The latest step comes from Burger King UK after it released its first vegan-certified Vegan Royale. In addition, BK has pledged to reduce waste by recycling 100% of its packaging in all stores by 2025, become energy efficient, and also reduce plastic use. The biggest pledge of course is Burger King plan to be 50% plant-based by 2031.

BK CEO Alasdair Murdoch explained: “Are there going to be less meat products? Ultimately, you would say yes.

“Over time the amount of beef that we are selling as a proportion of our total sales is reducing”.

It is encouraging to see beef-based producers acknowledging the shift in demand and understanding beef is not the future. We look forward to seeing more big-name brands adapt to a plant-based way of life.

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