Cadbury goes vegan as it opens its ‘Mean Tweetshop’ pop-up in London

Vegans around the UK may want to make a trip to London to experience the latest plant-based endeavour from Cadbury!

The new vegan Mean Tweetshop pop-up is opening its doors today (Tuesday 22nd) and will run for several days.

Furthermore, all customers who frequent the shop will be given a free Cadbury Plant bar while stocks last.

After much time sourcing anti-vegan troll commentary online, each of the chocolate bar wrappers has a negative social media comment printed on the packaging, encouraging plant-based hate to turn into plant-based love.

Those who are opposed to plant-based products have been invited to literally eat their words.

The Mean Tweetshop will be open from 12-6pm and will have two flavours available: the Plant Bar Smooth Chocolate and the Plant Bar Smooth Chocolate with Caramel pieces.

Can we expect more vegan Cadbury?

Cadbury has been promising the release of vegan-friendly products for the last couple of years, with growing demand from the community.

The company made an announcement last October that its first vegan chocolate bar was now available in the UK.

During this time Cadbury released an apology on Instagram: “Dear plant-based Britain, we’re sorry. Sorry it’s taken this long, sorry it seemed like we weren’t listening to your calls, sorry for not being able to respond to the rumors. And sorry for all the other chocolate you’ve had to eat while you wait.”

With a growing population leaning more favourably towards plant-based products, more companies seem to be adapting to the times.

Michael Moore, Marketing Manager at Cadbury, said: “The Mean Tweetshop is a true celebration of Cadbury Plant Bar and we feel that this is a chocolate that anyone can enjoy, including the sceptics.

“We hope that some of those who have been quick to judge plant-based products are brave enough to come down and try one for themselves, they really are that good!”

We hope that Cadbury’s vegan pop-up is a sign that there are more vegan products on the way from the company as the vegan chocolate market continues to boom.

The Mean Tweetshop will be closing its doors on Sunday 27th March at 4pm so be sure to visit in time!

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