Claridge’s vegan chef leaves as the hotel rejects plant-based menu

Claridge’s Davies and Brook restaurant has parted ways with its vegan chef Daniel Humm.

The renowned chef announced on Instagram he will be leaving the Michelin-star restaurant after it rejected Humm’s all-plant-based menu.

Chef Humm will leave Davies and Brook at the end of December.

Moreover, the Mayfair hotel said the plant-based vision is “not the path we wish to follow”.

Claridge’s reject plant-based menu

Davies and Brook first opened in 2019 at Claridge’s hotel, providing a Michelin-star dining experience.

Its current A La Carte menu offers a £125 tasting menu featuring foie gras, lobster and caviar.

As more people are ditching meat to fight the climate crisis, Chef Humm wanted to reimagine Davies and Brook’s meat-filled menu for a plant-based alternative.

Taking to Instagram, Daniel Humm, who is head chef at New York’s Michelin-star vegan restaurant Eleven Maddison Park, said: “The future for me is plant-based.

“This is our mission and what we stand by as a company, and at this time this is not the direction that Claridge’s hotel feels is right for them.”

The vegan chef added: “Standing behind this mission, and what we believe in, is most important and is unfortunately not something we can compromise on.”

Additionally, Humm revealed that he was excited about his career and the future.

Furthermore, Davies and Brook released a statement, saying: “We completely respect and understand the culinary direction of a fully plant-based menu.

“However, this is not the path we wish to follow here at Claridge’s at the moment.”

The public’s response

Many fans of Chef Humm took to the London restaurant’s Instagram page to expressive their concern for Claridge’s decision to not embrace a plant-based menu.

One follower commented: “Hugely backwards thinking!”

While another said: “The planet needs it: switch to a plant-based menu.”

Many people remarked that while Humm’s plans were ambitious, going fully plant-based will not suit the clientele at Claridge’s.

We are excited about Humm’s future and hope he can continue to create delicious plant-based food in luxury kitchens.

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