Coming up on 8 years whole food vegan, fam. The gains don’t stop. Flexibility, strength, calmness of mind. ❤️ : veganfitness

I workout in nature most of the time. For equipment I only have a set of adjustable free weights and bands.

My routine is yoga, weight training, HIIT similar to the Zuzka Light workouts on YouTube, and hiking difficult trails in the Rockies.

Diet is all whole food plant based. Usually a starch as a centerpiece: oats, barley, whole wheat or bean pasta, quinoa, so many different types of beans, legumes, lentils and a wide variety of potatoes.

All of that surrounded by fruit and veggies. A lot of raw produce throughout the day.

Usually intermittent fasting in the morning for about 4-5 hours and then I have two large meals with smaller snacks of mainly fruit or hummus with veggies.

Figured I would answer all of these in a comment because it’s the normal questions I get when I post here. ☺️

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