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I’m 24f at 5’5.5″ and 117lbs. I measured my body fat percentage using the US Navy method and it put me at 23% which seem s fairly accurate (I can see the lines next to abs on my torso but not full abs without flexing).

I used to be much more muscular but after 4 years of full time school and two jobs I lost quite a bit due to not working out.

According to the US Navy thing my ideal body fat is around 18% and according to one source (medical news today) having a body fat of 23% puts me in the “poor” category meaning I have way too much body fat.

I’m kind of confused because while I’m not super muscular I don’t feel like I’m too fat but it seems like I might be? Honestly I’m now feeling kind of bad about myself…. But at the same time I am 4 pounds from being underweight so I am not sure how to lose body fat without losing weight.

Is it okay for me to just eat around maintenance with lots of WFPB protein sources and loft weights? Or should I really be focusing a lot on losing body fat to achieve 18%? I don’t really care too much to look a certain way, I just want to be strong and healthy.

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