Could I get some help with a recipe please?

I’m an obligate vegan for medical reasons (treatment of Nephrosclerosis.) This is important because it means I can’t eat foods high in phosphorous (beans, lentils, animal products, and bananas.) It also affects my fitness since my recovery time from workouts is quite long (2-3 days rather than just 1 like normal folks.)

I’ve been adjusting and I’m in a really good place. All of my lunch and dinner + snacks are prepared by a hospital food delivery service. I’ve settled on a basic functional fitness regimen given out by The Bioneer on YouTube. Seeing results, but is is frustratingly slow going starting from less than 0.

For meals , I like to always have the same thing each day. I know, it’s weird. But I’m happy eating the same 5 or so things each week.

My breakfast is a smoothie comprised of: * 1 cup of rolled oats * 1 cup of spinach * 1 cup of mixed berries * 1 Tbsp each of flax seeds and chia seeds * 1/2 tbsp of brown sugar * About 5 cups or 1250mls of water.

It… tastes really bland. It’s drinkable, but it certainly isn’t pleasant. I’ve tried adding peanut butter, vanilla extract, cocoa powder… all weren’t an improvement.

Any ideas on how I can improve this smoothie and really kick it up a notch? Either health wise or flavor wise.

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