Council pressure vegan café owner to remove mural over ‘misinformation’ dispute

Bournemouth vegan café Plant Hustler has come under pressure from Trading Standards to remove the café’s vegan mural.

The mural details the health benefits of following a vegan diet, including stats and research.

Plant Hustler’s routine visit from BCP council food safety resulted in Trading Standards demanding the mural is covered immediately, claiming the mural was ‘misleading’ and had no ‘significant’ evidence.

Moreover, Plant Hustler owner Aaron Bryans has since reached out to his community and online followers, urging them to share the news and demand the mural stays.

Trading Standards V’s Plant Hustler

Plant Hustler’s mural features inspiring details promoting the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

According to Trading Standards, this mural was misleading

Speaking with the Daily Echo, Bryans explained: “They [Trading Standards] came in so heavy handed.

“They just went a bit OTT really. We can’t use the word cheese on the menu and we can’t use the word prawn because it’s all misleading.”

Furthermore, TS continued to pick faults with the mural, stating that words like ‘cheese’ and ‘prawn’ can mislead people,
as well as claiming plant-based nutrition lacked thorough research.

In response to these claims, Bryans added: “It’s a vegan restaurant, I don’t think anyone’s going to go in there expecting to be eating a bit of chicken.”

Interestingly, the vegan business owner claimed TS were a result of pressure from the meat and dairy industry.

Public response

In response to these events, Bryans took to the café’s social media page to get support for its followers.

The post highlights how the mural allowed people to understand the impact of a plant-based diet and showed evidence of research.

One follower commented: “We can’t believe this, is this for real?”

Another questioned: “Have you considered reaching out to any vegan MP’s to get on board?”

Many continued to tag vegan celebrities in the post in order to spread the word.

Over the years, Plant-based nutrition has received greater investment and research, resulting in more people changing their diets.

Moreover, to maintain the movement, it is vital that we keep having conversations regarding the impact of a plant-based lifestyle.

Want to know to you can positively impact the environment? Diet change, not climate change.

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