Creator of vegan salmon sushi opens 100% vegan The Good Kind Supermarket

The creator of the world’s first vegan salmon sushi, Jessica Chan, has opened online supermarket The Good Kind with all your favourite vegan goodies.

Jessica Chan launched IMA sushi back in 2019, selling the world’s first vegan salmon sushi. And now, with the Covid situation looking forcing her to adapt her business plans, she has gone in a new direction.

Jessica has opened a 100% vegan online supermarket, The Good Kind Supermarket, specialising in artisan and high-quality plant-based products. She aims to encourage people to try a meat and dairy-free lifestyle by offering one place to get all your favourite vegan goodies.

Offering everything from vegan cheeses, mock meats, baked goods, fish-free products, and dairy replacements to the basic store cupboard essentials, The Good Kind has everything you could need.

January 2021 saw a record-breaking 582,000 people try Veganuary, despite a national lockdown hindering vegan options on the go. And with more people trying vegan options than ever before, now is the perfect time for a new vegan supermarket.

The Good Kind focuses on building a community-based business and sources the best vegan products from sustainable and eco-friendly brands. But it’s not just delicious vegan food you can buy at The Good Kind, but domestic, beauty and homeware items too.

Jessica’s business demonstrates how vegan innovations can thrive, even under some of the most stressful, challenging and downright bleak environments.

‘We want to make it simple’

Speaking in a statement sent to Vegan Food and Living, Jessica Chan told us:

“The Good Kind is not just for vegans. We are here to support those who are looking to eat less meat but don’t know where to start. It can be difficult knowing which brands to choose, we want to make it simple.

“The Good Kind is about showcasing only the best plant-based products that are good for you and the planet.”

The Good Kind offers all your favourite small vegan brands such as Biff’s, Sgaia, I Am Nut Ok, Mouse’s Favourite, and Tiba Tempeh, as well as bigger household names such as Follow Your Heart, Tofurky, Veganz and THIS.

We can’t wait to see Jessica’s venture grow, and get our hands on some (definitely essential) vegan goodies!

You can explore The Good Kind Supermarket here.

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