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Hey Everyone,

I’ve been regularly training for about 7 years now and vegan for the last 3 of those. I weigh roughly 98 kg and stand 193 cm tall. Whilst I’ve been vegan I’ve regularly tracked calories and protein intake on MyFitnessPal. My diet hasn’t been the best recently so I spent sometime this weekend putting together a more wholefood vegan diet. I’d heard some youtubers talk about Cronometer and figured I’d plug this new plan into there so see how it was looking, I was a little shocked to see that the protein breakdown showed me only hitting my RDA on one amino acid, the rest were under, some being well under (I’m looking at you methionine). The total calories for this diet was 4060 with 215g protein. My understanding was that where plant proteins aren’t complete you combine multiple to sources to fill any gaps, this diet plan includes beans, nuts, lentils, pastas, breads, tofu and protein shakes but is still falling short. Does Cronometer set very high amino acid targets? Does anyone have any advice for bringing up the lagging amino acids?

I’ve attached the full breakdown for anyone whose super keen.

Thanks in advance!

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