D I lost 21 kg since I’m vegan. (66kg to 45) Dw, I like how I look and I certainly don’t want to lose more (my weight’s been stable for 2 years). What exercise routine should I do, and when can I expect results? : veganfitness

If you want to keep going start weight lifting and running, but focus on diet. Dont eat later than like 7PM and for dinner eat something light like a salad or something low carb, keep the heavy carbs like beans and rice and things towards the morning. this seems to work for me so it might not work for you but worth a try. if you do want a crunchy snack at night ive been doing carrots and hummus or apple slices and “peanut butter” made from water and PB powder. if you do toss in weight lifting to bulk in muscle you will need to still keep the calories up a bit so keep the large intake earlier on in the day and lightly graze through the afternoon. building muscle will help burn off more fat so i definitely recommend doing some basic weight lifting.

to answer the questions – for weights – basic classic lifts, deadlifts, squats, lunges, bench, curls. just to start focus on like 3 set of 5 of something, low weight to start on each then as you get into it read up more online about different programs or build your own for what muscle groups you want to focus on. you’ll probably see some newb gains in a couple months and then plateau for a bit but keep focus and determination and you’ll keep seeing more. keep working on it and you’ll see abs, remember though that abs are made in the kitchen.

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