Did a powerlifting meet today! Here’s my third deadlift attempt. 115kg/253lbs @55.45kg/121.9lb BW. Should have picked higher weights in hindsight but this is my worst movement in training so I had absolutely no idea I’d get this! : veganfitness

(24 ,AFAB) No official race event, just me running big laps in a local park – was so close to sub 2h!! I think i would have made it if i wasn’t unzipping my bag to get my glucose supplies 😂 time to get a fanny pack!!

Anyway just here to celebrate! the first hm i did in 2h 15m~ a little over a month ago. So my time got a lot better and I’ll take it 🌈 I did a lot more weights too this month and my legs felt so strong while running 🦵

I would like to give a personal shout out to mung beans, carbohydrates and the openings of Jojo’s bizarre adventures for making this run possible

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