Do you breath through your mouth or your nose when you are working out? (Read my comment after you vote 🥦💪) : veganfitness

read “breath” and was skeptical but really curious. So I resolved to make the switch for a month and see if nose breathing was really so much better. And OMFG dude it really lives up to the hyped. Here was my experience.

At first it sucked, my sinuses were closed and useless from so much disuse. I started by doing slow af cardio sessions breathing exclusively through my nose. I was so out of breath, my nostrils stung so bad, and I had to blow my nose every 5 minutes. But I stuck with it. After about a week and a half of doing this every day I had one day where suddenly my sinuses opened, and I could breath clearly. My nose still hurt but it was a really magical experience. It wasn’t an exceptional cardio session but it was way beyond what I was doing before.

From there I began nose breathing any time I realized I wasn’t. It took about a month to switch to naturally nose breathing by default. I then worked on getting my form right. Yes there is proper nose breathing form. Mouth closed, teeth gently touching. Tounge behind upper teeth. The trap/pitfall is making an effortful face because you are working hard. This makes it way harder to get air through, which makes you scrunch your face more. Its critical you stay relaxed. I also got one if those cringy frat boy jaw exercisers you chew on. Because its been shown chewing more helps open up your sinuses as well. It took two months from the start to fully open my sinuses and master nose breathing. It was bitter work… but the results were worth it.

All of a sudden I love cardio. I’ve been doing sessions on the assault fitness fanbike. I’ll put in an hour and see how many miles I can do. Usually its anywhere form 22-25 miles depending on how im feeling that day. Usually I hate cardio but now I love it. My yoga practice has improved dramatically. My sleep is way better. I have more energy day to day.

I really wish I got my health markers tested before and after. But the beneficial results are obvious regaurdless. There is a mountain of research backing up the superiority of nose breathing regaurdless.

So yeah, just wanted to share my experience. I highly recommend reading / listening to “Breath” its one of those books that truly changes your life. I’m curious if anyone here has had experiences like mine. Seems very much worth a discussion.

I’m vegan BTW so this counts as vegan fitness lmao

I forgot to mention I live in a mountain town at a really high altitude. The air here is about 2/3 as pressurized as sea level. Meaning I have access to 1/3 less O2 than people at sea level. We actually have a ton of olympic athletes that train here. We as a town got more gold medals than France at the last Olympics. But anyway just thought I’d mention it so give you guys a better sense of how insane my cardio is now just from nose breathing. I really feel super human I’m completely blown away by the results.

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