Do you guys eat breakfast before or after working out? : veganfitness

Before always. I suppose it can depend what type of exercise you’re doing but I typically do heavy weights or heavy cardio. Blood sugar will be low after being asleep for hours and you’re fully digested, you won’t have any energy to burn and putting your body in a fasted state over prolonged time with that much physical strain on the body can be harmful, especially if you’re working up an intense sweat. e.g cause fatigue, dizziness, etc. People think you burn more fasted but you’re really only losing water weight/bloat. We need nutrients to give us energy to complete the task. Some people don’t like to eat before a workout because it makes them nauseous though, but even then I’d recommend something light like granola or a banana.

I use to not eat before workouts, specifically pre season soccer training in the AM and always felt so weak and sick. Once I began to prioritize food before workouts, it sustained me so much longer and also helped not overeat after the workout.

I’d say just do what your body feels best on though, not what you think you should do. Coming from a girl who almost died by fasted exercise 😖

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