Dr Oetker is launching a vegan Ristorante pizza this spring

Dr Oetker, the owner of Chicago Town, is finally expanding its Ristorante line to include its first vegan pizza.

The new pizza will be a vegan Pizza Margherita Pomodori featuring coconut-oil based cheese, fresh tomatoes, marinated tomato pieces, and basil on a tomato sauce base.

Ristorante pizzas are produced in Lancashire, and the brand is the leading frozen thin-base pizza in some European markets.

Speaking to Vegconomist, Dr. Oetker Pozza Product Developer Insa Parkan said: “It was a particular concern of ours to find a high-quality substitute for cheese that fits in with the Ristorante claim.

“We found it with a recipe based on coconut oil. Since only real cheese such as mozzarella, Edam or Gouda has been used on our frozen pizzas so far, the search for an alternative that is equivalent in taste was the biggest challenge.”

We hope the Ristorante team have cracked it!

Vegan Chicago Town

Dr Oetker’s other subsidiary Chicago Town is already wildly successful with its epic vegan options.

The brand is the UK’s biggest-selling frozen pizza and now features three equally tempting vegan options.

For your vegan frozen fix, you can choose from Stuffed Crust Sticky BBQ Jackfruit, Stuffed Crust Smokey Bac’n and Mushroom, and Fully Loaded Mini Cheeseburger pizzas.

Speaking to Vegan Food and Living just before Veganuary, Chicago Town spokesperson Rachel Bradshaw told us:

“We know that consumers love indulgent flavours in vegan pizza, in fact, our Vegan Tomato Stuffed Crust Sticky BBQ Jackfruit is the best-selling vegan pizza on the market in 2020.”

Ristorante Vegan Margherita will be hitting European shelves from March and will retail at around €3.29.

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