Dunkin’ to launch over 40 vegan doughnuts in Belgium

Iconic doughnut chain Dunkin’ is embarking into the plant-based market with a new menu of over 40 vegan doughnuts.

The new menu will be available at all Belgium locations, with the intention of expanding it across Europe soon.

With over 40 vegan doughnut flavours to choose from, there’s definitely something for everyone!

Our favourite picks from the menu include the Peanutbutter and Jelly with a strawberry filling and peanut butter icing, and the Chocolate Chip featuring a cookie n cream filling, chocolate icing and mini cookie.

Dunkin’ Donuts Belgium just released 41 vegan donut flavors! from vegan

This huge unveiling comes after the CEO of Dunkin’, David Hoffman, said the brand was investigating a “viable vegan donut option” last year.

We know where we’re going on holiday after lockdown!

Vegan at Dunkin’

It is surprising the vegan options didn’t debut in the US as Dunkin’ is an American brand.

However, whilst the American branches still lack a vegan donut option, they do offer other plant-based alternatives.

Debuting on the menu last year was a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich which although containing egg and cheese, can be ordered vegan (omitting the dairy items).

While not strictly vegan, the sandwich sold double the amount that the brand expected, demonstrating the demand for more meat-free options.

Other vegan options include smashed avocado on sourdough, Hashbrowns, Bagels and a variety of drink options.

The new vegan donuts are available now for delivery within Belgium, and will be available in-store from mid-May. 

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