Fat bloke looking for muscle recovery tips

I've been vegan for around 5 years now but have never really taken care of my health at all. I've recently started work as a bush regenerator and the two or so days after work are very sore. I know it'll get better as I get used to it but currently I'm only doing this work one or two days a week while I study and work another job. The pain is tolerable and I know I haven't hurt anything, just regular DOMS from my past gym experience, it just aches in my legs and arms and slows me down at my other job.

Health wise for a bit of more helpful information, I'm currently 120kg ish (~265lb) and have lost about 20kg in the last year, though my weight tends to fluctuate greatly. I eat around 2,200 calories a day, generally about 60g of protein but don't strictly follow macros, and I take B12. I figured I might be eating too little… I'm a terribly inconsistent sleeper, drink more often than I should and struggle getting the motivation to make breakfast most days, though I've been making a tofu scramble on the days I work in the bush.

Any suggestions would be great to help minimise DOMS while I get fitter and build up my strength!

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