Feeling fatigued everyday

I am vegan since June 2020 and workout heavily since around 6 months. I am doing weightlifting for one hour every second day with the goal of setting (little) PRs every time. Other than that, I also walk with my dog 1-2 hours each day.

My diet is very varied and freshly cooked every day, additionally I take supplements and get my blood levels checked every 6 months, as well as a blood pressure check, lung check and an ecg.

I track everything I eat/drink and what I weight every single day. Sleep 7 hours each night. So I would say I am really trying hard, but I can't figure out what makes me so damn tired all the time.

There have been times where I would feel dizzy after walking the dog for 45 minutes (I worked out a few hours before that and everything was fine then) and that was pretty scary to me.

Any help would be incredibly appreciated.
My stats: 164cm, 5'38 / 51.9kg, 114.4lbs / 24 years old / female / 1700 calories daily: ~44-54% carbs, ~15-19% protein, 20-30% fat

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