First routine!(no gym)

I'm going to be trying this for a few months and see how it goes. Going to eat plenty of fruits veggies whole grains nuts and seeds, supplementing with b vitamins and omega 3's and at least 150g protein/day, and aiming for 300 calories above maintenance/day but will weigh myself daily, currently 6'2 180lbs

Routine: day 1: morning; 3 sets of pushups and squats with 2 minutes between sets, starting at 15, working to 25 then adding weight/elevated pushups

Evening: 3 sets of ohp and curls, starting at 6 reps, working to 12 then increasing weight

Day 2: morning; 3 sets pullups/assisted pullups/bodyweight rows to 12 reps, slowly increasing pullup numbers(I can do 2 right now) 3 sets of 15 lunges adding weight as needed

Evening: jeff Cavaliers abs routine

Sunday: rest

At least 1 bike ride or swim per week but not on rest day and at least 5000 steps per day to keep things moving

What do you guys think??

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