Focusing on nutrition! I’ve been setting some great goals in yoga and overall fitness lately. I find baking a ton of veggies and a boat load of quinoa and lentils makes for tasty lunches in a pinch throughout the week. No oil

I really love your bowl! I am focusing on exactly the same things as you!! If you ever need a vegan friend who geeks out on all these recipes, send me a message!

I also pre-cook quinoa, brown rice, lentils, etc. It’s been a life-saver. Also, did you know when you pre-cool grains like quinoa, it becomes a resistant starch? (AKA prebiotics) That means that it cannot be digested by the small intestine, but it is then able to feed the gut flora in the large intestine! This helps support healthy metabolism and reduced inflammation! Here’s a scientific study on it:

Keep it up! It’s truly a spoiled way to eat. Definitely not going back 🙂

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