For exercises that require two dumbbells (synchronized), should I count total weight or weight per dumbbell : veganfitness

Sorry if this is not the correct community, I will delete the post if it’s not welcome here. but since I’m vegan, I thought I would ask here instead of r/homefitness or r/Fitness. So context, i recently bought a pair of 25 kg adjustable dumbbells and when i used to go to the gym I did exclusively barbell exercises so I am a noob when it comes to dumbbell/home fitness.

So for example if I’m doing a dumbbell bench press and my workout program says I should lift 10 kg, is that 10 kg per dumbbell or a total of 10 kg? My gut tells me that it’s the total weight, but my overthinking brain thinks it could also be per dumbbell.

Thanks in advance!

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