Frankie & Benny’s expands vegan menu in collaboration with Biffs

UK’s Italian-American chain Frankie & Benny’s has expanded its vegan menu, with a little help from plant-based junk food makers Biffs.

The new menu launch comes as Frankie & Benny’s prepares to welcome guests back to indoor dining, after closing due to UK lockdown.

The new vegan options include Vegan BBQ Wings, Biff’s Crispy Jackfruit Wingz, BBQ sauce, a sugar cane ‘bone’ and vegan mayo. The restaurant has also released a vegan Pepperoni Bake, vegan pepperoni, Napolenta tomato sauce, chilli, roasted red pepper, broccolini, rigatoni pasta, and vegan mozzarella.

Last but not least, don’t forget to leave room for dessert! You can now enjoy warm vegan apple pie, crispy pastry with a warm, sweet apple filling. Served with vegan custard or vegan choc-chip ice cream, it’s vegan custard for us.


“Make the UK a little more ‘Vegan AF’.”

F&B already offers a variety of vegan options. Dishes such as Bruschetta Napoli, Plant Ball Hero Sub, and Hot Red Velvet Cookie Dough are just a few from the menu.

Moreover, The latest collaboration with Biffs allows diners to try meat alternatives and not compromise on flavour. In an exclusive for Vegan Food and Living, Co-founder & COO of Biff’s Biff Bloom-Burrows shared “We’re incredibly excited that our Crispy Jackfruit Wingz are landing on Frankie & Benny’s menus across the UK,

“We’re passionate about providing incredible, innovative plant-based options without compromise and this is something Frankie & Benny’s have also championed, so we’re very proud to be working together to make the UK a little more ‘Vegan AF’.”

Vegan Cult Classic

Biffs was founded in 2017, offering their junk food and iconic Crispy Jackfruit wings across London’s street food markets. They quickly had a dedicated fan base and become a vegan cult classic.

Since then, Biffs has opened venues across the UK as a delivery service. Offering up big vegan flavours with their burgers, pizzas, and Wingz. They even joined forces with Brewdog to open an all-vegan pub in London.

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