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I was vegan for 3 yrs and ended up stopping for a brief period of time. I was really dedicated to the lifestyle, i just felt like something was lacking. I started reluctantly eating meat again and noticed i was feeling much more satiated. I think my problem was I wasn’t eating enough fat and probably not enough protein either. The past year I have tried my best to go back to fully vegan. I now am fully vegan again and want to stay this way for life, I just want to make sure I’m getting proper macros. I find a lot of meals I struggle to pair fat with. I’m wondering, should i just eat avocado, peanut butter, and nuts through out the day and not focus on trying to put enough fat into every meal? I am wondering if there are any suggestions on getting enough fat into your diet effortlessly and pleasantly as a vegan (not eating scoops of coconut oil taking supplements stuff like that). Also would like any high fat low carb recipes with high fiber and high protein.

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