Getting enough protein is challenging : veganfitness

It really is and I think taking the time to address this will help people feel less alone about struggling. On a non-vegan diet, choosing what to eat to get enough protein is practically mindless. A lot of the time, focussing on consuming chicken alone is enough. However, with a vegan diet, you need to eat a much more diverse set of foods. Additionally, vegan foods can be harder to digest than non-vegan foods. I can’t eat tofu or lentils or seitan all day. I need a mix and preferably no seitan because gluten gets to me. It’s challening work but it’s certainly not impossible and once you’ve figured it out, you don’t have to think about it again. As I track my protein consumption on Cronometer each day and research vegan protein souces that can help me reach my goals, I get closer and closer to meeting my daily protein requirements.

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