getting out of cycle of overeating? : veganfitness

i really need some advice, or even some motivation if that is what this is about. i’ve been vegan for about a year and been able to consistently eat quite healthy (not restrictive at all, eating all foods i enjoy) and started lifting again a few months ago. all was going well until, almost a month ago now. i’ve gotten into a cycle of over eating. once i eat a meal, the appetite triggers and i just keep eating until absolutely nothing sounds good, or i am super full. and it takes A LOT to fill me up. i don’t know where i’ve gone wrong, because it was so easy to eat healthy and stay on a normal food routine before. now every day i tell myself it will be the day i take back control and discipline but then by the time i have lunch or dinner, the whole kitchen seems so appetizing. i don’t weight myself so i don’t know how much i’ve physically changed, but it’s still taking a big toll on me physically and mentally. any tips? or advice from anyone who has had the same/similar experience ? :))

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