Had a few people request I post a full days eating so here’s what I tracked yesterday. 5’8-9″ 161.8 (yesterday’s weigh in) : veganfitness

630am320cal protein shake made with silk protein milk 50p 13c 8f

800am770cal falafel, fava beans tomatoes onions, 2 pita bread 38 p 115 c 14 f

1030am banana, strawberries, mango

large panera iced coffee, black

workout 12-130 GVT quads

130pm 230 cal slice of daves killer bread, 4 slices sweet earth vegan pepperoni (ran out of the field roast Chao I keep at work) 20p 31c 4f

4pm and 5pm (eating half at a time) 1280 cal chipotle- double sofritas, double black beans, double brown rice, double fajita veggies, mild sauce. 44p 157c 57f

730pm core routine

357cal 9pm peanut butter sandwich 2 slices daves killer bread cup of silk chocolate protein milk 38p 68c 30f

asleep by midnight total 2957cal 190p 384c 113f

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