Halo Top launches vegan low-calorie ice cream made with oat milk

Halo Top is known for its low-calorie (and often high protein) ice creams, and this week the brand is launching a new range of oat milk-based vegan tubs.

The new dairy-free line comes in two flavours, made with luscious oat milk for a creamy finish.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Overload features a peanut butter and oat milk base and is packed with dark chocolate chips and chewy brownie pieces.

On the other hand, Caramel Chocolate Pretzel pairs a creamy caramel oat milk base with salty fudge-covered pretzels and sweet caramel swirls.

Previous non-dairy Halo Top options have used coconut milk as a base, but with the rising popularity of oat milk, it is not surprising that the brand has opted for different plant milk.

Both varieties are under 400 calories for the entire tub, so you can indulge in a completely guilt-free way!

‘A creamier, more indulgent texture’

Speaking to FoodBev, CMO of Halo Top International Ryan Bouton, said:

“We’re always working to improve our recipes behind the scenes. When we tried our new oat milk formula for our plant-based tubs, we immediately knew we had created a creamier, more indulgent texture our fans would really love.

“We are so excited for our fans to taste the two new flavours and enjoy another dairy-free and vegan-friendly alternative to our traditional dairy tubs.”

The new Halo Top Oat Milk line is available in Tesco stores now for £5.33 per tub, so get treating yourself, folks!

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