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I recently became a vegan. I think that two years of this lifestyle is not enough to call myself an expert in this field, but I used to be a vegetarian. I stopped eating meat when I was 16 years old. Later, I excluded fish and seafood from my diet. Becoming a vegan has completely changed my life in a better way.

I started to feel more energized and healthy. Despite that, I excluded meat from my nutrition. However, I still consumed dairy products and eggs as a source of protein. I wasn’t feeling comfortable when I ate those products. Besides, dairy products started to cause acne, and I had to exclude them from my diet. After a while, I decided to become a vegan, and I could sense the difference.

As I mentioned above, I became more energized and productive at college and work. I even joined the gym after I became a vegetarian. Also, I started practicing yoga in the morning. Workouts help me to feel better. Before that, I barely forced myself to take a shower after college. I spent most of my time watching TV or some series online. Now, I am doing my master, and work part-time. Besides, I also do workouts and can find some time for my family and friends.

Moreover, becoming a vegan helped to get rid of my excess weight and my skin problems. I’ve read a lot that some dairy products might cause acne (source: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/foods-that-cause-acne#TOC_TITLE_HDR_3). Besides, getting rid of a few extra pounds helped me to improve my health. The only problem I have faced is that I have hip dips, even though I have lost a lot of extra weight.

I noticed that this problem has a lot of women who are vegans. Almost all my female friends said that they have this problem. I didn’t find any coherence between avoiding eating meat, dairy products, and eggs and having hip dips. Still, this remains one of my top problems.

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I found this blog-post https://inshape.blog on how to get rid of my problem. I started to follow the recommendations written there. I would say that specific exercises and massage helped me to make my hips visibly thinner. Hopefully, soon I will get rid of this problem completely, and my body will be perfect.

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