Health kick..Need new food processor/blender : veganfitness

So here’s the deal. I have been really getting into eating healthier and thus cooking a looot more (after eating lots of vegan junk food for the past few months ?)and my tiny nutribullet and old, cheap food processor just can’t keep up anymore. I have watched many videos and read some older reddit posts on what kitchen gadget would best fit my needs, but I still can’t decide. I didn’t know really where to ask this but I thought my fellow vegans would be the most knowledgeable and all that ?

I mainly want to do my own nut butter, energy balls, etc..which is why I think the ninja 3 in 1 would be a good choice or the magimix 5200xl food processor…but I also enjoy making creamy sauces, soups and co (which is why I think a vitamix or omniblend would be a good choice..what do you guys think? (I personally don’t care too much about (Green)smoothies as my nutribullet already does a good job with that. )Ideally I would prefer not having to spend 500€ or more, however if I must, I shall. 😀 thanks in advance

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