Hello, could I try to solve your problems as vegan bodybuilders/athletes? : veganfitness

With all respect, we need a little more detail here, especially if you’re asking for email addresses.

You only have 3 (not 4) questions, and 2 of them you don’t need. Your first question is broad, but fine.

“Why would it make a difference in your life to get a good answer for this problem or find a solution for your need? (Details, please.)”

This question answers itself, “so I can see physical/mental improvement”. There’s not really any other answer that’s meaningful for the purpose of helping remove blockers to athletic progress.

How difficult has it been for you to find a good answer for the above to date?

There’s only one answer that matters (“difficult”), or question 1 wouldn’t apply, right? If it’s a problem with an answer that’s easy to find, it’s not really a problem, is it?

Add your email below if you’d like to be contacted when we have a solution to your problem

Who’s “we”? Who are you? What are your qualifications to help with the answers to question 1? How are you planning to respond to answers, and how in-depth–meaning what can someone submitting this form expect as a response? Just an email? Are you planning on selling something (not good)? Not saying you’re not qualified, only that this questionnaire is blind. I quickly scanned a bit of your post history and I’m not seeing anything about fitness, veganism, etc.

I applaud you wanting to help the community but you’re not likely to get much response with this as-is, since it’s essentially one general question and it’s not anonymous. Just some feedback offered in good faith here, I wish you luck.

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