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hello hello, new to reddit here :). i am looking to gain weight. currently i weight about 130 pounds and i went vegan about a year ago and recently switched to being vegetarian a few months ago. in february 2019 i was at 130 lbs and by february 2020 i was able to make it to 150 lbs after working out consistently and focuses on gaining weight – this was all before becoming vegan/vegetarian (became vegan in march 2020) and before covid hit. a combination of not working out due to my gym closing because of covid and switching my diet i lost all that hard work and dropped back down to about 130 lbs (currently). i’ve been working out for years so i know what i’m doing in that aspect but making sure i eat enough calorie dense/protein packed foods is now a challenge. i am looking for some suggestions here. before becoming vegan i would eat about 3000-3200 calories a day (yes i did all my macros as well) but that was much easier to get in all my nutrients when i could eat meat. i am open to any suggestions!! btw i have a high metabolism and about 5 % body fat

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