Help me not to eat meat!

Vegeterian since December. The only animal product that I consume is egg. I track every calorie and I have calculated my macros based on my needs and goals. Since April I started reducing the intake calories and I tried to cut. I was at 1800 calories for 25 days but I couldn't function well in work and in everyday routine. I slowly started to increase them and currently I am at 2100 which is perfect for me. Still I am in a 350 calories deficit. I see changes in my muscle growth but I cannot eliminate the belly fat. I quit alcohol, sugar ( 10g everyday from fruits ), even cigarette in a despair to see my six-pack. I drink at least 3L water per day. I consume 2.2 g protein / kg , 1g fat / kg and the rest are carbs ( 218 grams ). My diet includes a variety of foods such as beans, lentis, soy, eggs, vegetables, fruits etc. My personal trainer said to me that I have to eat meat and without it I would never be able to obtain the goal physique and that's the reason that I decided to write my first post in reddit. I feel blessed that I have switched to vegeterian and I want to go to full vegan at some point but I also want to see results in my physique. I've seen a difference in my body but it does not represent the hard work at the gym and the discipline in the kitchen. What do I do wrong?

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